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So it snowed today.

About oh, maybe 3-5 inches, nothing major.

And then everyone freaks out.

So I understand that snow isn't the most common weather condition in England, and yes, it is a bit tough to deal with when you're not as prepared for this weather as say, The New England states of the US; but this is really too funny.

So back home if we got this much snow, DoT (Department of Transportation) would have been out and about since 3-5 hours before the snow fell sanding and laying down deicer on the roads. Once it starts snowing, DoT crews are going to be out plowing every City/State/National road/highway/parking lot. People get up early to shovel/snow-blow the driveway, and K-12 classes are delayed 90 min-2 hours. Amtrak, The Boston subway, and the New York subway, plow/blow all the snow off the tracks before service starts and during the course of the day. Some idiot going 90 mph on 84 ties up traffic for 2 hours, but all in all, life goes on.

Here in England, apparently the world stops. My tags on this Tumblr post* sum up my feelings quite nicely. Apparently the public transport system is out, 3/4 of the professors can't come in because of the traffic, and at least 3 people didn't show up to either the seminar nor the lecture because they thought they were canceled. I do understand that the country isn't as prepared for this kind of weather as New England, but I am getting way too much amusement out of this.

*(And for those of us who didn't want to go to said Tumblr post, my tags kinda look like this:   # 12 INCHES OF SNOW CAUSED THIS?# WOW</a># I THINK IT WOULD TAKE LIKE 12 FEET TO GET THAT REACTION IN NEW ENGLAND</a># HOLY FUCK IT'S NOT A HURRICANE</a>)

06 January 2013 @ 18:37

So I've been here for, gosh, four days now and it's been kinda crazy.

(Waring, super long and image heavy)

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Due to my immanent departure from the US, I have felt that I should take the time out to remind all personne (especially the super powered idjits) bout proper procedure for getting in contact with me while I am away.

  • Do not text me, I won’t get it on my phone. If you want to text me, for those of you with a Smart Phone or iTouch, us WhatsApp o text me. It’s free.
  • Also, my AIM handle is cougaraven13, and my Skype username is Rover_09
  • If you must call me, use Skype. I will put up my international cell phone number at a later date.

Please note that any abuse of this information will result in the perpetrator cleaning every bathroom on the Helicarrier with a toothbrush in a tutu. Mr. Stark will be informed of their location. If Mr. Stark is the perpetrator, he will also be cleaning out the bathrooms in his own tower in said tutu. All of them.


So, upon receiving my conformation for attending Royal Holloway University, I then proceeded to try and figure out how exactly one goes about acquiring a student visa for the UK.


I’m not going to shill out $488 for a Tier 4 visa. I’m a broke college student, with parents who are trying to pay for both my sister and my college tuition.

Problem is, I’m not sure what the requirements are for a general student visa though. Do I just show up at the border with about eight zillion documents proving I’m me or do I need to apply for another type of visa?

And it’s finals week.

I want to die.

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22 February 2012 @ 22:00
The one thing that really irks me about the APH fandom it that when it comes to magic, myth, and folklore it is always written as America being clueless about all of it and England on his high-horse about the fact that America has to acknowledge that magic is real. And while, yes I do understand that most of the lore and magic that is found in America today is from other countries, but there are some myths, folklore, and magic that is unique to America, or at least North America.

For example:

The Thunderbird is a central figure in the mythology and culture of the Southwestern and Pacific Northwestern indigenous peoples'. Thunderbirds are creatures of great power, commanders of storms. They are wrathful and and intelligent.

Coyote, while one of the incarnations of the trickster Archetype, is a central figure to the peoples' of  Southwest and Pacific coast, specifically what is now known as California.

Basically the mythology and folklore of all the indigenous peoples of the US.

H.P. Lovecraft has basically written a brand new mythology for the US as well.

Supernatural, Percy Jackson, The Dresden Files, American Gods, Stargate, Sanctuary, Charmed, ect.

(And yes, they are their own fandoms. But if people can use Harry Potter to claim magic for Arthur, then we can damn well use Supernatural for Alfred.)

Do people honestly think that Alfred is BLIND to the magic that inhabits his country? That angels and demons can duke it out across the country and he would be oblivious to it all? Really people?

TL;DR: Basically, Alfred knows all about the mystical in his own boundaries, he just never brings it up around the others. Or they might go snooping and end up dead, or worse.
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17 February 2012 @ 17:59
My roommate is currently in an absolutely awful mood, so I'm currently hiding out in a friend's room a floor down.

I don't deal well with angry people. I get scared and quiet and find a safe place to hide until they stop being mad or they go away, whichever comes first.

I love my roommate and while I do understand that she is under a ton of stress and her mood is currently in a downturn, I just can't deal with this.

The first semester I loved spending time with her.

Now all I want to do is hide from her.

And I feel awful for it.
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07 February 2012 @ 20:00

Things I am good at:


Things I suck at:

  • Reading and responding to emotional social cues
  • Not caring about what people think
  • Not taking things personally
  • Not being a bitch
  • Being productive
  • Being a semi-decent person
  • Ignoring angry people, especially when they’re angry at me
  • Telling the truth
  • Telling my parents things
  • Talking to my parents
  • Saving money
  • Being proactive
  • Being interesting
  • Being responsible  
  • Not talking about shit no one cares about
  • Not being socially awkward
  • Staying out of things that don’t concern me
  • Not being nosy
  • Being self-sufficient
  • Saying “No”
  • Staying in touch with friends
  • Being a friend
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29 May 2011 @ 19:54


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09 May 2011 @ 13:58
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09 May 2011 @ 02:49
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